Materials from the BioPlastik partners

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PHB from residual material

The cooperation network "BioPlastik" aims at producing PHB on the basis of residues and waste. Benefits of the material are not only bio-degradability and bio-compatibility, but also its tensile strength, hardness, hydrolysis and UV-stability. For requests, please contact info(at)

PHB-based polyesterurethan

PHB-based polyesterurethan is a bio-compatible, bio-degradable plastic which provides a good moisture barrier and, where appropriate, aroma and oxygen barriers. The material can be produces within the cooperation network on the scale of kilograms and is available on request.

Lactic acid from residual plant matter

Based on a wide range of residual plant matters, the Leibniz Institute for Agrartechnology and Bioeconomy produces lactic acid as a basic chemical for e.g. Bioplastics. Both, optically pure D- and L-lactic acid are on the product range.

Further materials

The cooperation network further develops

  • bioplastic fibers
  • bio-binders for the outdoor application
  • bio-adhesives

Lifestyle & living

Image: © Advanced Technology Innovations (ATI)

Coffee capsules "LaCoppa"

From Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo to Ethiopia Bio - BioPlastics partner ATI sells coffee capsules for Nespresso machines under the brand name "LaCoppa". The capsules are made of PLA and 100% decomposable in industrial composting plants according to EN 13432.

Catering equipment

The partner Bionatic sells catering products made of PLA materials.

Natural wood finishing

Naturhaus bietet Grundierungen, Natur-Wachse, Lasuren, Reinigungs- & Parkettpflegemittel, Schutz und Farbgestaltung von unbehandelten Holzoberflächen. Die Produkte basieren auf nachwachsenden Naturrohstoffen.

Material solutions and equipment

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Barrier and multifunction layers

Auf Grundlage der Hybridmaterialien bioORMOCER®e liefert das Fraunhofer ISC Barriere- und Multifunktionsschichten für Verpackungen, Textilien, technische Geräte, aber auch für die Verkapselung von Solarzellen oder OLEDs. Neben kundenspezifischen Materialkonzepten stehen Machbarkeitsstudien, Analysen und Lizensierungen auf dem Portfolio.

Development and testing of bioplastics

The department "Biobased Plastics" at Fraunhofer UMSICHT provides a broad service spectrum for the development and testing of bioplastics.

High throughput bioprocess development for the fermentative bioplastic production

The "bioreactor" has been established for experiments for an efficient process development, in particular for the fermentative production of bioplastics, but also for other applications from biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceutics.


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Contract fermentations

The "BioPlastik" partner Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik provides microbiological fermentation products, as well as customized solutions for fermentations.

Sustainability analyses for bioplastics

As partner of the cooperation network "BioPlastik", the IFEU-institute offers sustainability analyses for bioplastic products to verify environmental friendliness and sustainability, and to derive optimization possibilities.

Migration analyses for bioplastics

Migration means material transfer from packaging, hoses and other consumer goods into the respective contact medium, for example food, cosmetics of pharmaceutics. Migration is strictly regulated by law. The FABES Forschungs-GmbH, partner of the cooperation network "BioPlastik", investigates customer goods with regard to these regulations and supplies a certificate of conformity.

Engineering services for bioplastics

Development of production concepts, construction of equipment, special machines or prototypes, development of automated fluid-handlings – the "BioPlastik"-partner provenion provides engineering services under the one roof.