Plastics are present everywhere in the daily life and often disposed after a short term use. As plastic waste, they remain in the environment for centuries due to their originally desired persistence. The cooperation network "BioPlastik" aims at combining the benefit of stability with degradability, and, thus, contributes to discourage waste.

In the "BioPlastik" cooperation network, partners from the industry and the academy work together under the management of IBB Netzwerk GmbH. The network was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy for three years. Since the beginning of 2017, the partners are financing the network themselves.

The network "BioPlastik" is a perfect breeding ground for innovations: Experts from various areas like plastic films, packaging, environmental technology, or adhesives cover the complete value chain from research and development until commercialization.

The network partners committed to the goal of implementing projects and developing innovative, bio-based, degradable biopolymers which are cost-efficient at the same time. With this, bioplastic products shall achieve significant market shares in mass-markets.

7 benefits of the cooperation network "BioPlastik"

  1. New bio-based materials are optimized and utilized for the bioplastic production
  2. New materials can yield new product properties
  3. The bioplastic products are recyclable as well as bio-degradable
  1. Residual and waste materials serve as feedstock for the bioplastic producing microorganisms
  2. A high economic efficiency is assured by focusing on mass-markets: Low-cost solutions from bioplastics!
  1. No competition with food, animal feed, and agricultural areas, respectively
  2. High consumer acceptance through environmentally friendly and sustainable products